LGBT Veterans Wall of Honor

MCASD’s ’25 and Under Art Contest’ is back!

It’s no secret that I bemoan the lack of LGBT, or queer art in San Diego. Yes, the community has a theater that prioritizes gay productions and yes, there is the Art of Pride exhibition space that shows the work of a different LGBT artist each month. But, beyond this there is very little. Yet […]

Compare your net worth … or not

Many people want to know how they compare to others financially. Do they have as much saved up as other people their age? Are they ahead or behind everyone else? It is just one of those human traits we have. There is an interesting Web site that provides a comparison to the average net worth […]

What’s a stock index?

DJIA, S&P 500, NASDAQ, and EAFE. Does this feel like reading a menu in a foreign country? For most, it definitely shouldn’t mean much to you. Sure the pretty newscaster says things like “the S&P 500 is up 25 points today”, but you have no clue what S&P 500 stands for. These acronyms mentioned above […]

Parting Shots: Stuart Milk: Global Human Rights Work, Ireland

Art and Facebook

I don’t know about you but Facebook has morphed from a forum where I can read about the mundane and idiosyncratic activities of my friends around the world to a kind of event invite clearing house. Every day I receive invitations to do, or see, or join one thing or another, and these are from […]

Make your savings grow with a brokerage account

It’s great when people ask me finance questions. Many are embarrassed or afraid to ask financial questions, but that should not be the case. Remember, none of us have been taught about personal finance or investments. It’s just not something we learn in high school or college. There is no reason why you should know […]


Sara Way or Sway as she is known is a queer femme photographer whose work explores sexuality, gender and desire across cultural and international boundaries. I have written about Sway before, in the context of a group show. Now, however she is showing solo, touring the West Coast with a fab sounding book of new […]

Little known strategy to reduce mortgage payments

Many California homeowners financially stretch themselves to buy a home. It’s almost inevitable when even a starter home is selling for $400,000 or more. That means big monthly mortgage payments eat up a large chunk of income. It sure would be nice to lower that payment. Maybe even go out to dinner every once in […]

Parting Shots: Hillcrest Fat Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Pride Card Deals


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