What will $400,000 buy you in San Diego?

San Diego housing is expensive, isn’t it? Surely this is the prevailing view. But perhaps it is more affordable than you think. I thought I would take a look at what $400,000 can buy in today’s San Diego housing market. A $400,000 property with a 20 percent down payment, or $80,000, would require a $320,000 [...]

Livin’ la vida loca


In past weeks, we’ve looked into some alternative living styles, particularly cohousing and shared living. And the list goes on. In an expanding paradigm, many people are seeking new, perhaps better, less expensive, and more exciting or more inclusive ways to set up home. As the shape of living units evolve, as more people decide to [...]

Shared housing: Roommates for young and old

In the last article, we talked about cohousing, a model of an intentional community that originated in Denmark and is now taking hold around the U.S. A more familiar way to form community is to share a home with one or more roommates. We usually think of roommates in the context of housing for younger [...]

Shared housing: A new slant on an old idea

Just as ideas in fashion become new again, so do many other facets of our lives. Years ago it was common for people to live together in extended family groups and to form close-knit communities. Then individualism drove us apart. But there has always been a desire in the hearts of many to live close, [...]

The law of diminishing returns

If you’ve dreamed of a sparkling new kitchen and finally open the wallet and make it happen, enjoy it! But if you’re hoping it will add major dollars to the sale of your home, well, time to think again. Buyers want all the goodies, for sure, but remember the adage “the best we can get [...]

To rent or own? That is the question

Whether to buy a home or rent one is a pressing question that does not have an easy answer. It is complex, ever changing and one to ponder again and again. The answer will be different for every questioner, as it is dependent on such variables as personal preferences and priorities, availability of different housing [...]

Gay-friendly California

Last week, we took a look at the most gay-friendly places to live in the U.S. Today we are zooming in to have a look at California, assuredly a great place for gay people to call home. We reviewed The Human Rights Campaign’s (HRC) “Equality Index” which evaluated 137 U.S. cities from all 50 states [...]

Gay-friendly places to live

In celebration of Pride Month, I’m taking a little excursion around the U.S., breezing through some old and new gay friendly places. This week, a general look-see at the country as a whole and then next, a close-up on our fair state of California. Let’s start with the criteria. What does it mean, exactly, to [...]

Seasonal trends in real estate

The weather begins to turn warm, there are flowers in the air and millions of people begin to … yes, think about moving. In most states, the real estate market lies dormant for the most part in the cold winter months from November to February, and then – poof – it awakens. The count on [...]

Real estate as a profession — part 2

A salary in real estate? Is that a possibility? Well, yes it is, in the many support areas that surround real estate brokerage. If you don’t like the insecurity of a commission-only position, one of these vocations may appeal. They are all good, solid ways to earn a living and while they may not offer [...]

Pride Card Deals

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