Speak up about issues that don’t affect you

American Flag with Rainbow

“First they came for LGBT people, and I did not speak out – because I was not an LGBT person. Then they came for the unions, and I did not speak out – because I was not a union member. Then they came for the undocumented and uninsured workers, and I did not speak out [...]

The Eight Annual Blatino Oasis


As you head east on I-10 alongside the crowded blast of eighteen-wheelers, homebound vacationers and an eclectic mix of locals, County workers and drifters transporting themselves in everything from RVs to motorcycles to oddly militaristic-looking County vehicles in nuclear green and white, you pass the San Jacinto mountains to the west before hitting the off-ramp [...]

Revitalize your home!


Spring has officially sprung and the start of remodeling season is underway. While beginning a home remodel may seem like a daunting, expensive task, there are ways to ease the financial burden. There are several loan options to help with larger home improvement projects as well as cheaper choices to help freshen the look of [...]

See this wonderful movie while you can

Among the United Kingdom’s greatest exports – including Downton Abbey, Cadbury Eggs and the Magna Carta – is the underdog feel-good comedy. Where would world culture be without The Full Monty, Billy Elliot, Little Voice and Bend it Like Beckham? In a terrible place, I reckon. (This is as long as you don’t think about [...]

Filthy drawers

Bills Briefs-

An unpleasant topic today, but one not uncommon among men and women of a certain age. I’ll admit it; my drawers are filthy; and I mean beyond a place to hold my junk. To tell the truth, they are filled with crap. Surely I am not alone in promising time and again to clean it [...]

The Throne

Cesar Chavez, Harvey Milk and the gay community

Cesar Chavez

This Last week, I went out to see the movie based on the life of Latino icon and civil rights leader Cesar Chavez. It was a most moving movie and like the Oscar award-winning movie on Harvey Milk it brought back so many memories for me and had me crying, laughing and leaving the theater [...]


dvd of the week Based on a book by Martin Sixsmith, Philomena tells the story of a retired Irish nurse (Judi Dench) who reveals to her daughter, 50 years after the fact, that as an unmarried young woman (Sophie Kennedy Clark), she had given birth to a son in a convent. As repayment to the [...]


dvr this FX, Tuesday, April 15, 10 p.m. The Coen Brothers’ 1996 film Fargo is one of my favorites, featuring Frances McDormand’s epically funny, pregnant sheriff and an insanely, off-kilter snow noir screenplay, both Oscar winners. I’m not sure how Noah Hawley convinced the Coens, but they allowed him to make a series based on [...]

Testosterone therapy: understanding the real meaning of recent trials

Two recently published trials, which have been sensationalized by the news media, suggest that testosterone replacement therapy may increase the risk of heart disease and/or stroke. These were poorly designed studies which conflict with numerous previous medical trials which showed the beneficial effects of testosterone on the heart and that a low testosterone level in [...]

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