The City: Top to Bottom


thursday, july 30 Ben Folds Live Between a successful solo career as singer/songwriter and his star turns leading Ben Folds Five, the man himself has become an alternative pop/rock legend. Just as exciting as his live concerts has been his thoughtful engagement with evolving technology and online media. A classy, cutting edge night at the [...]

The Democratic primary field: And now there are five


The first Republican primary debate is next Thursday. The winners are already clear: Fox News and pollsters. With Fox News limiting the debate to the top ten candidates in an average of national surveys, every release of data will generate clicks for the network and the number crunchers. If Fox News is smart, they’ll roll [...]

This is REAL Christian persecution: Augusta church hit with anti-LGBT hate

This week I want to devote my column to an article written by David R. Henson about the MCC church in Augusta, Ga. that was hit by a hate crime following the SCOTUS ruling showing how there is so much work yet to be done. The article first appeared at and is reproduced with [...]

COMING OUT: The Web site dedicated to sharing the world’s coming out stories


After speaking with a friend earlier this year about their experience as gay teenagers, Nate Warden realized there was a serious lack of accessible coming out stories in the LGBT community. An online search yielded few responses and he immediately saw a void that could easily be filled. Less than six months later, 25-year-old Warden [...]

Exploring the phenomenon of the ‘gay voice’


When I figured out that other people were figuring out I was gay, or maybe gay, or maybe just weird, say around the age of 14, I became hyper-vigilant about how I might be perceived by, well, everyone who was close enough to perceive me. Most of it was in my clothes (carefully disheveled instead [...]

A unique seafood experience in Hillcrest


Mark Hunter always dreamed of opening his own fish market. He spent a lot of time at Point Loma Seafood while he was a deep sea diving instructor, but wanted to “step it up a notch.” His dreams came true when he partnered with Executive Chef Vincenzo Loverso and opened Fresh Catch Fish Market & [...]

A wet and wonderful San Diego Pride 2015


Thanks to former Hurricane Dolores, San Diego received more than 1.5 inches of rain this past weekend to mark the first time a San Diego Pride event has been so consistently poured on! The rainfall, which set all-time records for the month of July and was described by one National Weather Service meteorologist as “super [...]

Call to make sure


To solve world problems I regularly attend my weekly discussion group where, on occasion, I shyly and reluctantly offer my humble opinions, suggest hints of advice and make tactful corrections. Last week, beguiled by an amusing video on a male art site, I missed my bus and so stayed home. It seems my non-appearance, greeted [...]

The perfect antidote to those sticky social situations


Who loves a party? You do, that’s who! You love the invitations, the decorations, and the balloons. You love the cake and ice cream, and the games are fun. If there’s a magician or a clown, that’s even better. But what if the party wasn’t quite right? What if the guest list made you upset? [...]

Bridge the Gap

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