Movie Review: Only Lovers Left Alive — a slow, thoughtful character study


For a good number of people, I could convince them to see a movie with a review one sentence long: “Tilda Swinton plays a vampire.” Though she’s been starring in films for nearly three decades – her first role was in Derek Jarman’s queer masterpiece Caravaggio in 1986 – it has only been since she [...]

Breakfast with Ernie Dronenburg … hum


About a week ago I went to have a breakfast meeting with current County assessor/clerk/recorder – the controversial Ernie Dronenburg. (Four of us – both Republican and Democratic political gay activists.) I have met him before and always thought he was a most eccentric man and he reminds me of Floyd the barber on the [...]

Book review: ‘Pee-Shy: A Memoir’- one incredible journey

Sometimes, you wish you had a better memory. You would never, for instance, forget appointments. You could tell better jokes, win more arguments, save more money. You’d remember faces of the people you met and events that happened when you were too small for it to matter. Then again, as you’ll see in the new [...]

Gala 101

As we begin the season of sit down events put on to raise money for many worthy causes, I was struck by how many of these events I have attended over the years. Out of the hundreds of events that I have attended, I can count on one hand the ones that have been done [...]

The City: Top to Bottom

Eva Struble: Produce

thursday, april 17 A Visual Art Exhibition Support the arts in education by appreciating student-created works. Coronado School of the Arts (CoSA) presents A Visual Art Exhibition. The Black Box theater becomes a gallery showcasing CoSA’s Visual Arts students’ portfolios. Almost as good as the Louvre, without the long plane trip! The Exhibit will also [...]

Talking to San Diego County School Boards about trans students

“There is a Trans Action Committee that’s part of Canvass For A Cause,” stated Canvass For A Cause’s Holly Hellerstreet in an interview with LGBT Weekly. “And we have been working to support transgender people in San Diego. We’re really excited here in California that we have the School Success and Opportunity Act which is [...]

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