Milestones, crossroads mark World AIDS Day 2017

  Leading activists in San Diego and around the globe are urging the LGBTQ and allied communities to resist the temptation to think of World AIDS Day 2017 as just a time to reflect on the pandemic’s past. “We must ensure that people who do not know their HIV status are diagnosed and linked to […]

A stunningly beautiful and very funny movie

I’ve written before that I cry easily at the movies, and I’ve cried at some terrible ones. I’m still embarrassed that I cried at a screening of the wretched and sappy Jack Frost in 1998. But I’ve never been ashamed that animated Pixar movies have moved me to tears, partly because I’m joined by millions […]

Strength for the journey

As a progressive Christian, I believe there are many names for God and many ways to a loving God; this article reflects one of those ways. Take from here what works for you. Celebrate life with joy and peace! One of my favorite prayers is, “God, give me strength for today, and bright hope for […]

A Tea Party and TDOR

It was Nov.19, and what was constructed to be the first annual Tea Party took place at the Sunset Theater in Normal Heights. It was a T-Party for transgender community members, family and friends and allies of the community rolled out by T-Spot ( The theme was Alice In Wonderland, with playing card cut-outs as […]

Let’s talk rents

There are many reasons people choose to rent homes rather than to buy them. They may be trying out an area, intending to live in an area for a short period of time. Or they may not have the down payment necessary to purchase a home and home prices may simply be too high. Those […]

Walking an uncertain path

In the child-free community, they would call me a fence sitter – a person who is unsure about whether or not they want to have children one day. Despite this, sometimes aggressively imposed, label, I choose to embrace ambiguity in this area in the same manner in which I approach labeling my sexuality and gender […]

Thanksgiving and refugees

The story of Thanksgiving has evolved over the years as we have recognized that the tale taught in elementary school wasn’t true to the contributions of native peoples and their treatment by Europeans. At its best, our current Thanksgiving tradition reminds us that we are a nation of immigrants who owe at least a debt […]

A cut above

Several months ago during a silent auction at the Southern California Public Radio gala, I placed the winning bid for tickets to attend the Los Angeles Kings. My excitement grew as the date approached when I would witness my first NHL hockey game, a very fast, aggressive and exciting sport with fights. That’s how I […]

Grateful for Ben, friends and community

This Thanksgiving has not been easy for me as I lost one of my best and most loyal friends, Ben Dillingham, who I loved like my brother. He was family to me and loved me unconditionally, “warts and all.” This was a friendship of over 30 years and when Ben gave you his friendship he […]

Holidays with ‘family’

Concerned with the welfare of our feathered friends on Thanksgiving Day, I ventured to a nearby store famous for its empathy and compassion. I was assured my free-range guest of honor, Abigail, spent the day frolicking in the fields before drifting off later to a final sleep surrounded by family and friends. Except for perhaps […]

Pride Card Deals


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