Caitlyn and Christine


The mostly positive comments and support concerning Caitlyn Jenner are encouraging. Seniors remember the different reception which greeted non-rich, non-celebrity Christine Jorgensen. The announcement in 1952 that she was now a woman and had been (gasp!) surgically altered stunned us all. Not the first, but certainly the first one anyone had heard about. There she [...]

Norway, No Way!

The gay baiting of Carl DeMaio and Dave Roberts


During Carl DeMaio’s congressional campaign I gave a warning in this column that if the LGBT leadership did not speak out against the vicious false sexual smear campaign and gay baiting against DeMaio that in the future others would use this same tactic to destroy gay candidates; now County Supervisor Dave Roberts is being subjected [...]

Try a taste of Cali-Creole


Local Habit celebrated their re-launch last March in traditional “La Grande Boucherie” bayou style with a 325 pound milk-fed hog “pulled a hundred different ways.” My studly tattooed dinner companion and I decided to check out the new fare one recent weeknight. We seated ourselves and admired the massive bar made from reclaimed wood and [...]

Transgender forward: Onward and upward

Transgender Forward

The last decade has been one of great progress for the transgender community. There are many who are just beginning to learn, and understand, what it means to be transgender. What is clear is that many people within the LGBT community are on the same journey of discovery. That is why San Diego LGBT Weekly [...]

Dylan: The personal journey of a transgender man


LGBT Weekly talks to director Elizabeth Rohrbaugh about her latest film exploration of the transgender community For just under ten minutes, Dylan starts from the Coney Island Stillwell Avenue station and then walks to the shores of Coney Island before disrobing then plunging himself into the Atlantic waters, flopping around happily in his new skin. [...]

When wedding bells ring …


For over 33 years, Unicorn Jewelry & Watch Boutique in Rancho Bernardo has been the largest independent family-owned jewelry store, with the biggest and most magnificent collection of designer jewelry, high-quality certified loose diamonds, watches and more. With a friendly and knowledgeable accepting approach, owners Fred Nasseri, his sister, Minoo Anvari and father, Dr. Said [...]

Moving forward to equal employment opportunity


Transgender people are being noticed in the media in an unprecedented way. It is a great flowering of the trans rights movement, and it is welcome. It is to be expected that, if we work hard, our activism will mature into positive rights for our community. However, it does not change the daily reality that [...]

Celebration of self

Choices of a businessman

You may be a reader who has discovered your own tendency toward dependency on substances that cause persistent disruption of relationships, work, education and support systems. Wherever you fall on the continuum, I encourage you to read on and discover the opportunity for recovery and celebrating your life! Speaking of celebration, we are just weeks [...]

Reaching the transgender tipping point


This time it’s different. Since Christine Jorgensen became an international celebrity in 1952 as the supposed, but not actual, first recipient of a sex change operation, the media has been fascinated, titillated and afraid of transgender people, and the images the media produced expressed these emotions. The broadcast news and film have long dominated the [...]

Pride Card Deals

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