The City: Top to Bottom


thursday. oct. 20 A Reef Reborn 3D Immerse yourself into a world of swirling sardines, majestic sea turtles, and eye-popping life. This inspiring story of transformation takes place against the stunning backdrop of the Cabo Pulmo reef in Baja California. Meet the people and animals that call this extraordinary location home. Take a journey through […]

Finding rest


As a progressive Christian, I believe there are many names for God and many ways to a loving God; this article reflects one of those ways. Take from here what works for you. Celebrate life with joy and peace! A lady opened her refrigerator and saw a rabbit sitting on one of the shelves. “What […]

Coworking: An idea whose time has come


The Internet has changed the world. It’s made many things obsolete and others rise to the fore. Shopping malls, once an innovation, loom empty. Office buildings too. So many of us are able, thanks to our devices, to work from home, from a coffee shop or from our cars. 9 to 5 is almost history; […]

Local 2016 races worth your support

Georgette Gomez

Long time readers will remember the “Return on Investment Index” for equality, an idea adapted from Nate Silver of to describe the best place to spend your last hour, or $20, to have an impact on LGBT issues. The analysis favors smaller, closer elections with broad implications, so you won’t see safe seats even […]

This dark side of suburbia is somewhat unoriginal


In novels, I love unreliable narrators. I find the precarity of the truth titillating, even thrilling, especially as I slowly discover that what I’m reading isn’t to be trusted. I become a detective, looking for clues to what is really going on. It’s why I love Nabokov’s Lolita and Pale Fire, Peter Cameron’s Andorra, and, […]


Re: LGBT affirmative tenants by Bill Hanson Dear Editor: In the Sept. 29 issue of your magazine, Mr. Hanson writes, in the above named article, that “we remember the movie The Bad Seed which was all about a lesbian relationship …” I would like to point out that The Bad Seed had nothing to do […]

The case to support Measures K and L


Among the 31 state and local measures that voters will weigh in on in this election are two important city reforms designed to make sure that critical decisions about our elected leaders and major policy changes are aligned with general elections when most voters traditionally participate. Our current city elections are run differently than how […]

Coming Out


The first thing I did after finishing Alden Peters’ documentary Coming Out was to Google the term ‘coming out.’ It wasn’t that I couldn’t define it for myself but that I couldn’t define it for others. And that was when it occurred to me: the question was also a significant part of the answer. It’s […]

Turing Decodes Turing


LGBT History Month Special Feature Q&A with Sir Dermot Turing, biographer and nephew of WWII codebreaker Alan Turing BY THOM SENZEE Everyone called him Professor. But Alan Turing, the almost universally recognized father of artificial intelligence and modern computer science, was never actually a professor. Yet who would begrudge Turing’s esteemed nephew, Sir Dermot Turing, […]

San Diego Human Dignity Foundation’s actions long overdue


First San Diego Pride, and now the San Diego Human Dignity Foundation has let go of its executive director. But, unlike Pride, this action by the foundation’s board of directors was long overdue and supported by LGBT community leaders. When the Human Dignity Foundation was established about two decades ago, its founders were some of […]

Pride Card Deals


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