A puzzle surprise

I spend hours at this machine trying to amuse and advise my loyal readers – those who still remember Petticoat Junction, Jack Paar and how to use a mimeograph machine. I also allot a generous amount of time to satisfying my addiction to The New York Times’ Sunday Crossword. My loyalty to the weekday challenges, […]

Homeless man charged with murder in North Park stabbing

A Nov. 14 preliminary hearing has been set for Brandon Kyle Cooper, 36, who is charged with murder in the Memorial Day stabbing of Spencer Thompson, 38, who collapsed from a stab wound in the 2800 block of University Avenue in North Park. The family of Thompson told a television station they believed it was […]

‘Hipster Bandit’ pleads guilty to multiple San Diego bank robberies

The “Hipster Bandit” – so named by the FBI for his stylish clothing and sunglasses he wore to bank robberies – has pleaded guilty to holding up seven banks for a total of $16,120 taken. William Conn Robertson II, 28, will be sentenced Oct. 27 in U.S. District Court and faces a maximum 20 year […]

Monuments to oppression

The events in Charlottesville, Va. this week have once again highlighted the difference between tolerance and acceptance. Those who do not want to accept the diversity of America always talk about tolerance. The African American, immigrant, Latino, Asian, Native American and LGBT communities do not want to be tolerated, we want to be accepted. Accepted […]

The City: Top to Bottom

thursday, aug. 17 Myles Parrish Formerly part of the R&B and hip-hop duo known as Kalin and Myles alongside Kalin White. The duo released the EP Chase Dreams in 2014 and separated in March 2016. Their top singles were “Love Robbery” and “Go To Work.” House of Blues San Diego, 1055 Fifth Ave in San […]

Loving our trans siblings

As a progressive Christian, I believe there are many names for God and many ways to a loving God; this article reflects one of those ways. Take from here what works for you. Celebrate life with joy and peace! Last week, in response to the shocking and appalling presidential tweet declaring his plan to ban […]

To bubble or not to bubble

As I’ve reported in this space in previous articles, the real estate market has been enjoying record price increases and steady growth. In fact, San Diego prices have recently climbed higher than in the prior pre bubble peak. This naturally gives us pause, and we wonder whether we are entering bubble territory once again, and […]

The difficulties and frustrations of open transgender military service

“I say to you today, my friends, that in spite of the difficulties and frustrations of the moment, I still have a dream.” We’ve pretty much all heard that quote from Martin Luther King Jr’s speech I Have a Dream. King had a dream of freedom and equality for black Americans; he dreamed “that one […]

Marching with pride toward a better future

Pride was a rite of passage. During my first Pride, back in Baltimore, Md., I remember looking around and feeling completely overwhelmed by simply existing in the same space as thousands of other LGBTQ people at once. It gave a sense of community and context to my identity that I desperately needed. My network was […]

HRC time, in more ways than one

Last summer, I had numerous conversations about the continued relevance of the Human Rights Campaign (HRC). Marriage equality was the law of the land, Obama administration policies were advancing equality in the workplace and schools and Justice Merrick Garland would soon solidify a progressive Supreme Court majority. With President-presumed Hillary Rodham Clinton running on an […]

Pride Card Deals


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